BCAA Powder with L-Glutamine By Designs For Health
BCAA Powder with L-Glutamine

BCAA Powder combines the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)- leucine, isoleucine, and valine- along with the amino acid, L-glutamine for a synergistic effect in building muscle tissue and supporting the immune system. BCAAs are unique in that they are a direct source of energy for skeletal muscles while also serving as intermediates in the ATP-producing citric acid cycle. They stimulate the building of protein in muscle, help reduce muscle breakdown during exercise, and regulate protein metabolism throughout the body. BCAA Powder has a great-tasting, natural orange flavor. This product is free of sucrose, fructose and artificial sweeteners, and is sweetened with the natural herb stevia.


Hypoglycemia Radiation Exposure Substance Withdrawal (Alcohol) Pre-Surgery Post Surgery (1-14 days) Halitosis


BCAAs stimulate lean muscle synthesis even in the absence of resistance training, making them an effective raw material for lean tissue maintenance in athletes as well as populations who are unable to exercise, but are at risk for muscle loss. . BCAA Powder may be beneficial for: . Sports nutrition - enhancing muscle building and recovery in athletes . Sarcopenia - facilitating muscle tissue maintenance in aging populations . Post-operative and traumatic injury recovery - reducing muscle mass catabolism . Cachexia - attenuating muscle wasting BCAA Powder can be taken pre, peri, or post workout. Consider adding BCAA Powder to either PaleoMeal® or Whey Cool™, or taking along with food to increase total BCAA levels as well as protein synthesis.

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